Promoting and co-ordinating organization:

European Centre for Education and Training (ECET) - Sofia, Bulgaria

Project partners (in alphabetical order):

Adroit Ltd. - London, England

Bournemouth Business School International (BBSI) - Bournemouth, England

German Ministry of Defence - Bonn, Germany

H-Net Professional Language Studio - Budapest, Hungary

ICC - The European Language Network - Frankfurt/Main, Germany

International House Tallinn - Tallinn, Estonia

Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Lyon, France

Public Service Language Centre - Riga, Latvia

Public Service Language Centre - Vilnius, Lithuania

Resource Centre for Foreign Languages (CRLE) - Barcelona, Spain

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow - Rzeszow, Poland

University of Pitesti - Pitesti, Romania

University of Westminster - London, England

Universe Press - Europe - Sofia, Bulgaria

This project is being carried out with the support of the European
Community in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci 2 programme.

The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position
of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it
involve any responsibility on their part.

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