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We are proud to announce that the Linguapeace Europe Project is one of the 10 Helsinki Awards 2006 winners for best practice.

The prize was announced at the meeting of the European ministers by the EU Commissioner Ján Figel and the Finnish Minister of Education and Science Antti Kalliomäki, who presented the awards on 4 December, and the 10 awarded projects were then presented at the Conference "From Copenhagen to Helsinki" held on 5th December 2006 in Helsinki, Finland, which supplemented the Ministerial Meeting.

The project is also included in the Best Practice Projects Compendium (2000-2006) - special publication of the European Commission.

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Linguapeace Europe builds on the success of the original Linguapeace project to design and pilot language training materials for military, police and other peacekeeping personnel. With the increase in the size of Europe in May 2004 and the increasing number of missions in which military personnel are required to participate, the need for training in communication is ever more pressing. For effective joint operations and activities to take place, military and police personnel need to be not only communicatively competent, but often they need to possess a high degree of fluency and accuracy.

Linguapeace Europe expands the initial group of four to a group of 11 countries and increases the level of language ability from intermediate (European Framework B1) to an outcome of advanced (European Framework C1). The group aims to create and pilot English language training material for subsequent use and to create a larger glossary of military terms in 11 languages. The group draws on its considerable experience in military language training and in setting and administering military languages examinations, as well as a large number of contacts within the professions, to produce material that is pragmatic, has clear outcomes and is instantly useable in the field.

This project is being carried out with the support of the European
Community in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci 2 programme.

The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position
of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it
involve any responsibility on their part.

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Linguapeace Europe International Conference and final plenary project meeting in Sofa, Bulgaria, September 29th, 2006 [17-09-06]

Core partners' meeting in Bucharest, Romania 25-28 May 2006 [06-06-06]

7th International Peacekeeping English Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17-18 March 2006 [22-03-06]

Plenary meeting in Riga, Latvia 13-15 October 2005 [11-10-05]

German Ministry of Defence joins Linguapeace Europe Project [11-04-05]

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